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  • New Product: Square Telescopic Pole
  • Telescopic Flirt Pole
    18.01.2018 Company News
    We producing Aluminum telescopic flirt pole for dog from March of 2017, in the past year, our aluminum telescopic flirt pole is very welcomed in Europe and USA market. It is very convenience, light weight and customers are very satisfied wi......
  • 5 Section Aluminum Telescopic Pole With Twist Lock
    10.10.2018 Company News
    According to customer feedback and market demand, DK Aluminum focus on Studying and Developing one new aluminum telescopic pole, now it is successd, the tube hollow inside allow the wires go through, we named it "Twist Pro", big t......
  • 2019 Order Plan
    17.01.2019 Company News
    Same as in the previous years, our USA Customer who has worked with us for 6 years, today they sent us an order plan for......
  • Anodize
    07.12.2014 Industry News
    Anodizing aluminum increases corrosion resistance, surface hardness and improves paint adhesion.Aluminum parts are wired or placed into pinch racks and attached to a copper bar which helps conduct electricity. Only the surfaces that require......